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TechReading vs Books

Am I allowed to scream, get sidetracked or maybe not? Why are we reinventing books onto a computer and just not into one? I mean the great programs designed for so many things are LOST when we just put books into them. Why not make books interactive? I mean ... make an application giving the reader the choice so the ones that need changes can start to investigate it's possibilities? And make it platform free! Look at Facebook and Google+ working all over.

So another "reinvention" of a reading Model? Note, I dropped history as fast as I could, now I suddenly think it was not so smart. See,
Mankind and acceptance of new stuff is obviously explained if you know how to read history the right way.. Needless to say also I remember vaguely "witchburning", "flatearth"and not to mention "bookburning" issues. So I better be carefull.

Now, bookburning was politcal and we all know books are absolutely the best. I was/am a collector and thank goodness I am to poor to buy books otherwise I would have to move to find space for them.. Unfortunately people visit and see a bookless home ... talk about judging a person like judging a book by it's cover! Judging is soo easy! So many absolutely great books are freely available online.

Back to TechReading vs Books. People are RAVING about their Kindle, Ipad, eBook ... and not lugging books around. And then there is ChipKidd ... he is telling another story, actually a few stories, watch the film:


What a wonderfull inventive artist! Just like the dutch chap making a dyslexic font available for dyslexics or people testing for
Visual Stress and Dyslexia EXCEPT that they cannot used on pdf files or in Flash since these are "locked" from users "copying" making a moms life hell, playing Club Penguin for the millionth time as the remedial readerMom because the online reader cannot read the words. ChipKidd is doing for book covers what a TechReading device is not able to reproduce for dyslexics, considring the needs are all different. Actually also even though TechReading is perfect for all learning styles each company chooses just one. Collaboration they could fuse their work through interfaces, who knows?

Now IF I had my say I would take ChipKidd into books ... into the typeset. And I would make the TechBook come alive! Changing the face of teaching and reading for ever.

I am so tired of seeing Educational materials "reinvented". And, here I am doing the same thing. So why not just start doing it differently? I mean, while trying not to get too technical, blogs have integrated "styling" so anybody can with very little help make a blog that looks like a million dollars. So why not do remedialStyling? teachStyling? Combining it?

So why not start with the the typeset "inside" the book, thus making artists and typesetters our main people - side by side with the techies? Imagine a book like Harry Potter as a "picture combined with sight" reading book? Or sometimes switching to teaching vowels or phonics? Teaching grammer? Teaching a different language? The picture names would be remebered by the kid that watched the film, and can me removed to words as the kid makes progress and has learned new sight words? As easy as pie just pointing a mouse or finger on the word makes it pop up as phonics, picture, language translation ... imagine that!

All set easily via an Interface for the special ed teacher or language teacher or parent ... some application that reads and changes a word to a pictures (note pictures can be replaced for children that have autism and need the same repeat!), colours (vowels blue, consonants red depending on the method) or sounds (quacks or pings) making all aspects of remedial reading teaching adjustable and adaptable in ONE platform free application? One that can be applied to all books?

Come on people ... Apple, Google, Vtech, Kindle, e-books ... I am tired of using technology, always searching for some new thing that solves a reading problem <I> need it integrated. Oh, I did not forget Flash making loads of reading unavailable for my Kidlet, just like smart pdf adjustments to stop thieves. Make Harry Potter like this and we are set to fulfill my Kidlets Reading Dream that he has had for two years now!

Guys I need to feel and adjust my needs as a reader. Big print, small print - column width - brightness, no shine a bit of shine - hearing the words I cannot say. Basically if Apple needs to put smell there too, but spare me I cannot deal with artificial smells, especially when overexcitable and stressed as moms get trying to find solutions.

As a mom I am just trying to solve the problem and actually reverted to PAPER and TicTac. ChipKidd mentioned the Apple guys noting the smell of a book - spare me - TYPESET IT - now that is a major hurdle! With endless applications. See actually I only read fast, Really fast, in certain typesets since letters keep doing their own thing, so they reach my reading brain "jumbled". I can only read because I got very intensive reading training - two adults - trying stuff until they got me reading! I can see why my Kidlet WONT touch the books that he needs to get through to learn to read - I missed his window since he cheated me and just memorised the pages to satisfy the adults need to show that he was reading. He solved the problem, and made the one I am trying to fix - a moms real job: Fixing and supporting.


This is a [cat] with a [hat] that [sat] in the [sun] ... with pictures to make dyslexic kids feel like reading! See thats our next step making the content come alive with little effort compared trying to read a book with all the words he does know, making the book hard enough to keep him occupied and interested.

So as the he learns word [hat] teacher or kid unticks it on her screen and the next page has the sentence as This is a [cat] with a hat that [sat] in the [sun] And then the word can be seen by putting a mouse/finger/pen over it should it be forgotton? No stress, just immediate problem solving. Leaving artists and typesetters with jobs. And how it's presented, is dependant on how the kid needs to see it. Phonics, mother tongue, split up words, vowels, high ligthed starts, certain iffy letters. So now the dyslexic 10 yr old can read next book like The Hobbit like he wants to, with the adjustemnts the application has been set as! As well as practising his/her reading skills with new pictures or a basic picture set - depending on the childs need for change.

A good start would be to highlight words as it's read ... aaak is so wish I jsut had an application in Danish that do that. I am waiting, it's been years fighting the system for the TechReading tools we need. If collaboration could make books come alive the remedial teachers can sell the same program as their solution. Making the book adjustable, via custom or er designed pictures.

In the same way once a few people make learning "times tables" in every possible way available. As a website using fingers, coins, numbers, crossing math, with music, silently - you name it's been done ... That way all the kids will come out knowing how to do their Multiplication! A multiplication website ... No kid would ever fight you when they know you find a new way if  one road is blocked. Listen to this Mom that just never could get the math drilled into her own head, until her kid learned to do it with finger multiplication. And now I can do my math tables. My brain just would not do it the singing, rote way.

Imagine, the time saved ... and what will the kids be able to do with all the time on their hands? Not to mention the teacher? Imagine the true INCLUSION where the Dyslexic Gifted kid can join in Gifted class, or text can be simplified for the slower reader in some other way - endless possibilities.

Alas I fear going to be stuck in a school telling me 4.th graders have a fourth grade book. Blocking all learning by kid that sabotages it, unless it's served just right.

So looking back at the school TechReading it's really really interesting. And I bet just as hard to change a tried method, as to make people use one that is not recognised. And while we move towards online stuff, how will we teach a child to paint with oils that has never painted... or the more tactile kid to feel the letters in order to learn them? Endless ideas ...

Give a kid an obstacle:

Remember to see their solution:

And notice how they feel:

And encourage the mo, they are tired when they need to encourage and rethink stuff all the time. 

Leslie Graves A poem especially written Hilde Buys brain is racing.. blowing= flowing.... beautiful dreaming... ideas starbursting... mothers knowing... visualising... childrens learning.. with.out.walls... ;-D

As well as lessons from all the Peters (the one with a book in his Heart, the Magical Musican and Redsforever) and Matriarq Sunday School

Anyway, while wanting to discuss school Models it somehow turned out to be about reading! Thank-you Mary St George and Leslie Graves for todays inspiration. As well as Rusty Biesele you did it the other day! How you deal tirelessly with our questions, I have not figured out yet, but I am recieving an education - free! And it's great fun cos I choose the road myself, following my heart - feeling free.

Twice Exceptional Denmark

Twice Exceptional Denmark er lavet for dobbelt exceptionelle børn dvs. børn med særlige forudsætninger som samtidig har indlæringsvanskeligheder. Disse børn kan have opmærksomheds-, koncentrations- og kontakt- vanskeligheder som oftest er pga. Ordblindhed/ Dyslexi, ADHD, AS, PDD NOS, OCD, Tourette osv.

Det ofte set at Børn med særlige forudsætninger er af natur Asynkron Udviklet dvs. det halter med at deres emotionelle og sociale udvikling følger med det som ses ved jævnaldrende, samtidig med at de lærer lynhurtigt det emner de er motiveret for og ender således ofte foran jævnaldrende i disse oråder, uden sparringspartner. Børnene ender ofte meget ”misforstået” og en tværfagligindsats er nødvendig hvis sådan en situation skal kunne vendes.

Tværfaglighed bør bestå af en BMSF konsulent/psykolog og derudover specialister jvf. barnets specifikke diagnoser og andre problemer hver gang handleplaner udarbejdes, barnets evalueres osv. Men der er langt vej endnu, da BMSF ikke anerkendes i Kommunerne, og dermed overses det at barnet har behov for en ”særlig” forståelse og indsigt for at børnene kan få den rette hjælp jvf. Socialloven og Inklusion.

Men desværre ses disse børn i AKT forløb, heldagsskoler og kan ende i Udsatte grupper:

De unge, som kommer til opholdsstederne, har været vanskelige at placere i de kommunale tilbud, hvor hverken de unge, som kommer til opholdstederne eller de elever, der går i de kommunale tilbud, vil profitere af at være sammen.