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2009: The year that was written in 2010 with dreams for the years ahead ...

The kitchen, is the place where we learn. It was supposed to be a sofa corner but then we had to find space for "our school" - people reacted oddly when they realised lounge was a school room!

The year that was, the year ahead ...at 12.


In  2009, alot of good and bad things happened. At the beginning of the year I went to a small school for Gifted children in Jutland. In the beginning we were just over 50 pupils, not nearly as many as at my new school. We travelled 5 hours a day just to go there.

Here my favourite teacher was the history teacher.
What made his hours so unique was that every time we had him, he came with what the class called  "Today's Special". It was not like we got a meal - No, he came with some kind of food item or snack - from somewhere. Sometimes we know what it was from everyday life, other times we'd encounter something totally foreign. Each time he had a story to tell ...

At the school we also had Latin and German, as well as English.
Already in fourth fourth grade, long before those subjects were introduced in other schools. German has been especially challenging for me because both of my teachers were real Germans and we always got a whole lot of new input, and it was new for me. The teacher who had Latin was especially good, and he studied at the university. Our class teacher was great in taking care of us.

One weekend I remember that is very special. Y es, we also went to school on weekends, out of our own free will! It was a weekend where we had "Philosophy". We all camped out and I discovered that philosophy was a very exciting subject.

The school was seperated into two buildings slightly away from each other. It was odd for a school, but that was just how we got to know the school. Suddenly the school was too big for the little over 37 students left. The school then decided to move all the students over back into the main building.

My mother was involved in helping with the move, with some other parents and the teachers.
Someone came with a trailer and a car. Thankfully it did not rain, that day. We made pizza at home and someone brought alot of sodas. It was great fun.
Then a few days later, in April, the school closed suddenly because there was not enough money left to pay the bills. We had to take all our belongings that very same day, otherwise we could not get anything back - the school inventory was to be sold to the highest bidder.

It was a bit of a problem for me because, my friends and I had made and entire city out of paper and recycled wrapping paper.
It was huge, lucky for me I got some help and one of my mother's friends picked us up. We got it home with some trouble. Now it is in our shed. It was a sad day for all of us.

The rest of the time until the summer holidays I was at "homeschooled". We tried to find a good school, but we got many rejections. Nobody really wanted the kids from the Gifted School. However, we found this school I am at now, at the end of the summer holidays. Although I would rather be at another Gifted School.
Shortly after the holidays were over, I started at this school. In the beginning, I felt like and outsider, but it's pretty normal - being new and all. I think it is because I felt "socially awkward". The others kids were more advanced somehow. Enough about that. After a short while I fell in line with the others. One of the girls, I especially liked, I became friends with. And we became really good friends.

For 2010:

My mega wish for 2010 is to be able to do electives. All kind of classes would interest me: Art, French and Latin. I don't have so many other ideas. We could maybe take this up in class. It could also be fun with some "voluntary class project". I would also really like us to perform Grease as a school play. It would be so cool. At the same time I am looking forward to meeting with my girlfriends from Gifted School, also those I have not seen since the school closed.

It has been a really good school year so far, I hope that it continues.

(In 2010 we moved to go to a Gifted School. In 2011 she grade skipped with a ton of help from "internet" and "coaching" via mom's that did the same. We surprised ourselves with another year of homeschooling. And now? Since 2012 she is learning French, her school had art as an elective after school as well as voluntary fundraisers ... and Drama is taking her to new places, meeting people and so far it's the toughest as well as the best choice we had made. For her. The origanal article can be found here: http://intelligenteboern.aforumfree.com/t612-et-mentiqa-barn-skriver)

Twice Exceptional Denmark

Twice Exceptional Denmark er lavet for dobbelt exceptionelle børn dvs. børn med særlige forudsætninger som samtidig har indlæringsvanskeligheder. Disse børn kan have opmærksomheds-, koncentrations- og kontakt- vanskeligheder som oftest er pga. Ordblindhed/ Dyslexi, ADHD, AS, PDD NOS, OCD, Tourette osv.

Det ofte set at Børn med særlige forudsætninger er af natur Asynkron Udviklet dvs. det halter med at deres emotionelle og sociale udvikling følger med det som ses ved jævnaldrende, samtidig med at de lærer lynhurtigt det emner de er motiveret for og ender således ofte foran jævnaldrende i disse oråder, uden sparringspartner. Børnene ender ofte meget ”misforstået” og en tværfagligindsats er nødvendig hvis sådan en situation skal kunne vendes.

Tværfaglighed bør bestå af en BMSF konsulent/psykolog og derudover specialister jvf. barnets specifikke diagnoser og andre problemer hver gang handleplaner udarbejdes, barnets evalueres osv. Men der er langt vej endnu, da BMSF ikke anerkendes i Kommunerne, og dermed overses det at barnet har behov for en ”særlig” forståelse og indsigt for at børnene kan få den rette hjælp jvf. Socialloven og Inklusion.

Men desværre ses disse børn i AKT forløb, heldagsskoler og kan ende i Udsatte grupper:

De unge, som kommer til opholdsstederne, har været vanskelige at placere i de kommunale tilbud, hvor hverken de unge, som kommer til opholdstederne eller de elever, der går i de kommunale tilbud, vil profitere af at være sammen.